Hand Held Legend v1.3 (Nintendo Game Boy) (Miscellaneous)

Hand Held Legend by GumpyFunction is a production for the Nintendo Game Boy. Choose your scene, color and number to start an animation. Use ‘d-pad’ to move, interact with ‘a’ button, restart the scene (when the animation finishes) with ‘start’ button and return to the menu (when the animation finishes) with the ‘select’ button. Enjoy!​

My Dinner with Andre v1.0 (Nintendo Game Boy (Color) Game)

My Dinner with André by Gumpy Function is a brand new game for the Nintendo Game Boy (Color). This is Simpsons Fan Game inspired by the Noise Land Video Arcade game featured in the episode ‘Boy Scoutz ‘n the Hood’ from Season 5. Join actors André Gregory and Wallace Shawn at the dinner table as …
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