Boxx 4 (Revision 2023 Party Release) (Commodore Amiga OCS) (Game)

Boxx 4 by Retroguru is a Game for Commodore Amiga OCS.

Once upon a time, in a distant land, there lived a little box-like creature named Cubo. Cubo was a happy-go-lucky creature who loved nothing more than exploring his world and find new areas. One day, Cubo discovered that an evil robotic witch had slowly taken over his home area and was using her army of followers to torture the local inhabitants. Cubo knew he had to do something… to save everyone.

…and set out on a quest!

Certainly, getting the electronic monster eliminated wasn’t easy. The way was blocked with checkpoints, but coins opened the doors magically. It seems even evil watchmen can be attracted by money. Supporters of Cyrce, the robotic witch, might still look after you and will crush you without mercy.

Can you survive and succeed your mission?

Help Cubo to collect coins and proceed further. Coins can be found in the air, by defeating enemies or by breaking blocks. Holding jump will let you jump higher.

Enemies can be defeated by jumping on them or being eleminated by using your gun. Watch out for elements such as water and lava or dangerous objects such as spikes, turrets and cannons. Certainly take special care of big bosses approaching regularly. Your life will be miserable.