Dashy no Blast (Alpha 7) (Sega Dreamcast Game)

Dashy no Blast by voxel is a quite fun Halloween shooter game for Dreamcast in early development. This is a short, early pre-alpha Dreamcast demo! It’s missing all kinds of stuff, there’s some minor bugs and gameplay isn’t even slightly balanced. If you’d like to see this developed further, give your feedback on Twitter or …
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PixelPhobicGames v2021.04.12 (Sega Dreamcast Game)

Blast by PixelPhobicGames was an entry to “Retro Jam” and is also available in the flavor Sega Dreamcast. Just by looking at the screenshot you may recognize the similarity to Space Invaders. Be aware that you can only shoot one projectile a time, which raises the difficulty level.

Little Tanks v2022.02.28 (Sega Dreamcast Game)

Little Tanks by Valentine has been released early 2022 for the Sega Dreamcast. It’s a little tanks game, inspired by the famous Wii Play: Tanks! minigame. Your goal is to complete every level by shooting all the other enemy tanks. Your last level will be a boss fight agains a giant tank!