Life Vac v2023.02.14 (Lexaloffle Pico-8) (Game)

Life Vac by Claus is a short puzzle simulation game made for PICO-8.

You are an amoral scientist who found the secret to create life. You are going to use this secret to get rich. Create life and raise life in your petri dish. Sell it when it is grown and active for maximum rewards. Follow these rules for a smooth experience:

  • The simulation follows the rules of ‘Conway’s Game of Life’.
  • The value of each cell is proportional to how much the cell has been updated recently.
  • Chaotic patterns are worth more than static patterns.
  • The patterns sold in the middle menu include chaotic patterns, but also static patterns. Your goal is to find and make a pattern that maximizes activity.

Use the ‘arrow’ keys and ‘z’, ‘x’ buttons to navigate and activate the menus. The left menu (Run) runs a simulation. The middle menu has three stamps that you can place on the petri dish. The right menu (Suck) will collect the cells currently in the petri dish and give you money for them.