Pico-Factory v2023.02.11 (Lexaloffle Pico-8) (Game)

Pico-Factory by Claus Aranha is a game made with PICO-8.

In this game you need to create a small factory on one screen that produces breakfast for money. Follow these rules for a better play:

  • The game ends after 4:00 minutes. You must get as much money as possible.
  • Everything that arrives at the “$$” square is transformed into money.
  • You want to earn enough money to move to the next tier of buildings quickly.
  • Building tier: Tree, Bread, Juicer, Breakfast Machine, Eggs, Sandwich Machine.
  • If an item goes into a machine that does not accept it, it is destroyed.
  • To replace a building with something else, use (Z) or button (1) twice.