Top & Tom v2022.09.16 (Atari 2600) (Game)

Top & Tom by Arlasoft is an action game made for Atari 2600.

Your goal in this game is to help both bots and avoid obstacles for as long as possible. TOP can only avoid them by jumping and TOM can only avoid them by being bumped downwards by TOP. The height of your jump is determined by how long the ‘Up’ is held. Choose the right time to slam TOP down to bump TOM under the obstacles. 10 points are regularly awarded as the bots move forward without hitting obstacles. Bonus points between 100 and 2500 are awarded for each set of obstacles cleared, based on how difficult they are to traverse. There is more leeway for collision detection on the way up than on the way down, so on high obstacles, leave your jump as late as possible.​