Roundabout Solitaire v2021.08.22 (Atari 2600) (Game)

Roundabout Solitaire by Arlasoft is a card game made for the Atari 2600.

Your aim in the game is to put all the cards back in order, from A-K, in their correct rows. The following rules should be followed for a better play:

  • The order of the rows is Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades.
  • You have five minutes per level.
  • Move the crosshair using joystick/ arrow keys.
  • Press fire to rotate the surrounding cards clockwise.
  • When all cards are back in order, the level is complete and a bonus is awarded.
  • If time runs out, you still move to the next level, but with no bonus.
  • At each level, the number of scrambled cards increases.
  • The game pauses at level 10 for you to decide whether to move on with your life or continue to even harder levels. ​