Supercooked v1.2 (Super Nintendo Entertainment System – SNES) (Game)

Supercooked by Goldlocke is a multiplayer cooking action game made for Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

In this game, cook your way to the top by beating eight exciting stages alone or with up to three friends as aspiring apprentices trying to climb the mountain of cooking excellence. To succeed, you must prove your chops in eight kitchen stages: The better you perform, the more stars you get, which are in turn required to open the star gates and expand the world map. You can follow these instructions for a better play:

  • Incoming orders are displayed on top of the screen along with preparation instructions.
  • Grab the required ingredients from their respective container, prepare them as required, put them on a plate and serve them to the service hatch to complete the order.
  • The faster an order is completed, the more points you score.
  • If you mess up or let the food overcook, your only option is to throw the sorry remains into the trash and start all over again.
  • For every order not delivered on time, one of your five lives is taken away. If no more lives are left, you’ve failed the stage and have to try again.
  • A stage is completed once the timer reaches 0.
  • No matter how well you perform alone, the highest scores are only attainable in multiplayer mode.​