Memory Leak v2023.02.06 (Lexaloffle Pico-8) (Game)

Memory Leak by Moracan is a puzzle game made for PICO-8.

In this game, your job is to keep your company’s database clean and neatly organized. However, someone tampered with it, and the data has been erased. Using the hints on the sides of the database, fill the database with the correct data in each spot and restore it to its former glory. This game is similar to Sudoku, in that there can only be one tile of each height in each row and column. To fill the heights, you need to use the hints at the sides; these hints tell you how many towers are “visible” when looking at the board from that side. Higher towers cover smaller ones. The game has some visual cues to let you know what’s happening:

  • A black tile indicates that the tile is repeated in its row or column. Only 1 tile of each height can be on each row or column.
  • A grey hint indicates that it has been solved. A row or column with both hints of gray is considered solved.
  • A red hint indicates that the row is full, but it has not been solved.

On the main screen, you can set the board size. The default size is 5×5 tiles, but you can make it 3×3, 4×4 or 6×6 tiles as well, if you’d like. 3×3 is incredibly easy, while 6×6 might be too complicated, or straight up impossible.​