Eventual Baristancy v2023.02.06 (Lexaloffle Pico-8) (Game)

Eventual Baristancy by radicalslice is an action arcade game made for PICO-8. This game was made for Global Game Jam 2023, where the theme was “roots”.

Your goal in this game is to enter the coffee shop as quickly as possible. But, you will be unable to enter the coffee shop until you have zero health. Let the baddies hit you until you lose all your health. Each time you kill a baddie, the flow of time will accelerate slightly. Occasionally, your father will appear from the window of the coffee shop and drop a coffee power up. The power up will greatly reduce the speed of the baddies, making them easier to bump into. However, it will also make your auto attack trigger randomly, so it is risky to use the power up. Use the arrow keys to move. Your character will attack automatically.