Shallow Domains v2022.08.02 (Commodore 64 – C64) (Game)

Shallow Domains by drmortalwombat is a turn-based strategy game made for Commodore 64.

This game is played against an AI on a hexagonal map. You must use your wits and will to destroy the enemy and take down their banner. Be warned, there are no safe options in this game, so best go in guns blazing. The game includes many features, which are:

  • Six different types of terrain.
  • Ten different types of units with a variety of stats, movement and weapons.
  • Increased effectiveness for consistently used squads.
  • Up to 32 squads per map.
  • 15 large maps, each providing a different challenge.
  • A fog of war hiding areas of the map not visible to the player or the AI.