Don’t Dig Up The Dead v2023.01.31 (Lexaloffle Pico-8) (Game)

Don’t Dig Up The Dead by MorningToast is a horror adventure game made for PICO-8.

Your goal in this game is to find 3 magic relics to help rid the land of evil. Use the ‘Find-O-Meter’ and your trusty shovel to search the forest. But if you dig up the dead you’ll need to fight them off to stay alive. Use the items you dig up to power up. And keep an eye out for chests and unlock them to get powerful upgrades. Every hole digs up a soul and sends it into the wild. If you get caught by a ghost, you’ll have to defeat it before you can continue on your quest. When you find a magic relic, take it back to the old man in the village. Find all 3 and you can win the game!