Balls like a Frog v2023.02.01 (Commodore 64 – C64) (Game)

Balls like a Frog by drmortalwombat is a new Commodore 64 game, released today.

You, as a loveable little amphibian, have stumbled upon the temple of Blaf.

This disturbance has made you aware of the Sun god being trapped inside one of the temples, where he is kept encased in stone.

While at this temple you see that it tries to destroy you with spheres on a path, so you must get firing and bust those balls before they reach the skull and end the frog’s hopping life.

 In game control:

  • Direction: The frog rotates towards the joystick direction
  • Rotation: Use joystick left/right to rotate frog
  • Paddle 1/2: An analog paddle controls frog rotation
  • A 1351 mouse controls direction

The space bar swaps the two balls (except for mouse mode, where the right mouse button swaps)

Game modes:

  • Adventure: progress through 76 levels and 22 maps to free the sun god.
  • Gauntlet: play an endgless game one map with increasing difficulty
  • Training: improve your skill by playing a single level

The game works on PAL Commdore 64 only (actual hardware and emulation).