Joe Blade 2 v2023.01.25 (Nintendo Game Boy) (Game)

Joe Blade 2 by Rajcsányi László is an action game made with GB Studio. Original version: Kevin Parker & Colin Swinbourne – Players. Commodore 16/Plus4, 1988.

In this game you play as Joe Blade. Using only your skills of hand to hand combat, you must clean and protect your city. The punks wear armour to protect themselves from each other, so in order to hit a punk you must kick him in the head. This is achieved by jumping over him. You do not have to kill them, you just have to rescue 12 citizens. You will walk into him (and jump) then solve a subgame:

Subgame: You must complete the sequence 1,2,3,4 by pressing ‘jump’ when the correct number appears.

Bonus: Scattered around the city, you may find items ( such as bins ) and game dealers, which will help you in your mission score.​