WATA Invaders v2023.01.08 (Atari 2600) (Game)

WATA Invaders by KaeruYojimbo is an action platformer game made for Atari 2600.

In this game, you will help destroy the ‘WATA’ guy and move back and forth across the top of the screen to use the fire button to launch a foam dart. When you hit the ‘WATA’ guy with a dart, it stuns him momentarily and causes him to drop a rare Atari game. You need to collect 10 games to get a bonus and start a fresh wave. If your dart or a graded game hit you, you lose a life. If a graded game lands, it will stay on the screen for 4 seconds, acting as a barrier. The game ends when you lose your last life or the ‘WATA’ guy finishes his wall.​