Jungle Ping v2022.01.03 (Lexaloffle Pico-8) (Game)

Jungle Ping by Heracleum is an arcade action game made for PICO-8. It is the demake of the classic arcade game Jungle King by Taito from 1982.

In the original game, everything was predetermined, making long plays safer for those who memorized everything. In this version, you can start directly from a specific level of difficulty and stage. Good for training and figuring out how to play at a specific point of the game. The game is divided into four different stages:

Stage 1 – Swinging: jungle and swinging vines (with monkeys on harder levels). Timing is crucial while jumping from vine to vine.

Stage 2 – Underwater: swimming in a crocodile/ alligator-infested river. Stab the crocs but stay away when their mouth is fully opened.

Stage 3 – Boulders: running uphill with falling rocks and boulders. You can jump or duck. In some cases, you could even just run below the boulders.

Stage 4 – Cannibals: a camp with cannibals where our hero’s girlfriend dangles above a boiling cauldron.

Keep an eye on the Timer: It starts at 5000, but it speeds up in the last stage and if it reaches zero it’s an instant game over. It means your girl ended up in the cauldron.