Elf Spirit Hunters v2022.01.02 (Commodore Amiga OCS) (Game)

Elf Spirit Hunters by earok is a short action game made for Commodore Amiga OCS. This game is inspired by David Crane’s ‘Ghostbusters’.

In this game, you have to free the world of the last remaining Halloween Spirits before Christmas. You have 24 days to repay the bank $5500 and recapture all 12 loose Halloween spirits. You will hire elves from the shop. At least two are needed to carry the spirit chests. You will buy spirit chests from the shop. The more you have, the fewer trips back to the north pole are needed when you’ve captured spirits. Also buy some batteries from the shop. The more batteries you have, the less likely the beams are to run out during gameplay. You need to bring the Elves closer together to force the Spirit close to the chest. Press action to launch a capture heart from the spirit chest. If you’re successful, the Spirit will be captured. If you miss, one or more of your team may be injured.​