The Last Christmas Tree v2022.12.31 (Lexaloffle Pico-8) (Game)

The Last Christmas Tree by Brian Vaughn is a strategy game made for PICO-8. This game was created for the 2022 Toy Box Jam.

Grinches have destroyed all but one Christmas tree. You must help the elves save the last Christmas tree. This is a tower defense game where you can move blue tosser elves into any position, while you also have to use the red scout elf to dig up snow and keep the tossers stocked with snowballs. Tosser elves will attack automatically when the grinches are in range. The squares you dig up will slow the grinches down but those grass spots will get covered with snow after some time. Green grinches are faster but weak. Red grinches are slower but stronger. If a grinch reaches the Christmas tree it will attack until he dies. The Christmas tree has 100 health points. If it reaches zero, Christmas is lost forever.​