Castaway v2022.12.31 (Amstrad CPC – Schneider CPC) (Game)

Castaway by gallegux is an indie exploration game made for Amstrad CPC/Schneider CPC. In order to download this game, you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.49 USD.

In this game, you need to help Tom. His plane crashed two weeks before his wedding and he survived but got stranded on an island. You handle Tom and he has to get four mandatory objects to go away from the island:

  • An axe, to cut tree trunks to build a raft.
  • A cord roll, to join the cut trunks.
  • A piece of fabric, to use as a sail.
  • A map with the route to escape from the island.

There are a lot of antidotes, envelopes, saws, sickles, boards, water bottles and supply bags on the island. You have to search and explore to find them all. He can carry seven items at a time. If you pick up an object and later don’t want it, you can make Tom exchange it for another object, but don’t leave one of them on the ground. Watch out for cannibals as well. If they catch you, they’ll eat you alive. Do not leave the torch or the ball inside the cave or any hut. Tom won’t be able to retrieve it again.​