Runes v2020.10.07 (Sega Genesis – Sega Mega Drive) (Game)

Runes by Cannibal Cat Software is a retro puzzle game in the style of Columns and made for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive.

You can either play a quick game in ‘Classic Mode’ and see how high you can climb, or jump into ‘Adventure Mode’ for a series of increasingly challenging levels with varying objectives. You can match 3 or more runes vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to score. The flashing ‘Wyrd Rune’ captures all runes matching the color beneath it. If you place any runes past the top of the board, it’s game over. The following inventory items will give you the following uses:

GOLDEN APPLE: Gives extra life

GJALLARHORN: Clear the runes

KNOT OF LOKI: Shuffles the runes

THREAD OF NORNS: Gives extra time

WYRD RUNE: Summons Wyrd Rune​