Scorched Planet 9620 v2022.12.19 (Amstrad CPC – Schneider CPC) (Game)

Scorched Planet 9620 by hinaman is a strategy shooter game made for Amstrad CPC/Schneider CPC. The game is available in multiple languages; English, Spanish and Castilian. The idea of the game is based on the 1991 game called, ‘Scorched Earth’ created by Wendell Hicken.

In this game, your goal is to destroy the enemy tank before it destroys you. To hit your target, you must adjust exactly the power of your shot. Use the menu numbers to move between the different screens. During the game, adjust the power and then shoot. Depending on where the projectile lands, you must increase or decrease the power of your shot. There are the two following modes in the game:

BATTLE MODE (1 PLAYER): You can play as many times in a row as you want against the computer.

STORY MODE (1 PLAYER): You will compete against the most powerful weapons in history until you achieve final victory and conquer the planet.