Pik n Mix v2022.12.17 (Commodore 64 – C64) (Game)

Pik n Mix by Arlasoft is a platformer game made for the Commodore 64.

The aim of the game is to stun enemies with paint balls and then eat them. When you have gained enough weight, all players must step on the switch to open the door to the next level. The player who wins the race to the door first wins the level and gets a bonus. The game contains 33 challenging levels with a variety of enemies with very different behaviours to keep you on your seat.

Tagging: ‘Tag’ the level with your paint balls to gain a bonus, fighting with the other player or enemies to keep the platforms painted in your colour.

The Crown: The player wearing the crown is immune to get hit on the head. Watch out though, the crown will fall off when you eat or get hit by an enemy!

More Tips: The map wraps in all directions, so falling out of the bottom of the screen will make you fall from the top. Enemies can be eaten from a considerable range and in mid-air, so use that to your advantage in order to getting too close to non-stunned enemies.​