Fitzroy and the Confounding Labyrinth v1.2 (Amstrad CPC – Schneider CPC) (Game)

Fitzroy and the Confounding Labyrinth by awergh is a top-down action game for the Amstrad CPC and is a 2022 entry for the CPCRetroDev game competition. This game includes two items from ‘Larcena’s Legacy’. One is glasses and the other is a special coin.

The story of the game is about an ancient artifact which is the only hope left for the incoming darkness. This great artifact was stored away for safe keeping, to prevent it falling into the wrong hands. The archivists had put it away somewhere safe, somewhere in the labyrinth. Now, you have to go on a journey full of adventures and retrieve it. Every step of the way through the labyrinth is designed to kill, it is your task to recover all the pieces of the artifact, to reassemble the great artifact and repel the darkness. There are several different player actions that have been combined into a single control. Some of them include:

Droppable Block Mechanic:

This is a block that Fitzroy can carry and drop into the level. He cannot shoot or activate an interactive object while carrying a block. He can also only carry a single block at a time.

Interactive Object:

If Fitzroy is on top of an interactive object, then the interactive object will be activated.

Carrying a block:

If Fitzroy is carrying a block, he will drop the block (if there is a clear space for it in front of him). Otherwise, he will fire the bow (assuming he has picked it up and has sufficient ammo). ​