Speccy Quiz v2022.12.18 (Sinclair ZX Spectrum) (Game)

Speecy Quiz by Amoebatron Software is a  game made for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. The game is available in Spanish and the author is working on the English version as well.

The story of the game is about an evil monster, who has kidnapped all the Spectrums, including you. But you’ve managed to get out of your jail, it’s time to save your friends and take revenge. After escaping from your jail, go through the dungeons of the castle, then his palace, and after leaving, the thick forest, freeing all the Spectrums you find . They will give you an extra life, very useful to finish your adventure. At the top of the screen, you will see the question for each phase. Look for the answer blocks, and tap the one you think is correct. If the answer is wrong, you will lose a life. If it is correct, you will move on to the next phase. A phase is made up of several screens. Remember to explore all the screens to free the other spectrums and earn extra lives, or to collect the different items and score points.​