Casio Handheld Games v1.0 (Sinclair ZX Spectrum) (Game)

Casio Handheld Games by Avlixa tries to copy three games of Casio’s CG-5X series of solar handheld games from the years 1983-84. There is a fourth handheld game that is not emulated. You will need a spectrum emulator like FUSE or Retro Virtual Machine to play the game.

The game generally consists of managing a character who must capture 10 animals in each level and take them to the starting point. He will not be able to return to the starting point without having captured a prey.You will have to avoid being hit by enemies that will difficult the task. The series of solar handheld games include:

Marine Hunter: You manage a diver who must catch fish, avoiding sharks and other abyssal fish, and take the captured fish into the submarine to be able to continue.

Dandy Cowboy: You represent a cowboy who must capture veals, avoiding the bulls that roam the meadow. Brand the veal at the starting point to continue your work.

Mole Hunter: You play a hunter who must capture moles with his net, avoiding snakes, spiders and the coconuts thrown by the monkeys of the jungle. Take the mole to the cage to be able to capture a new one.

Extra Bonuses: You get 100 points if you pass a sublevel without losing any lives. You have 3 lives to complete each sublevel. The lost lives are recovered in each new sublevel. If you capture 3 preys in order, first the farthest one, then the middle one and finally the closest one, the enemies disappear for 10 seconds, allowing you to capture some preys without danger.