Drunk as I Like v2021.11.28 (Sega Genesis – Sega Mega Drive) (Game)

Drunk as I Like by tboddy is an original Touhou Shoot ’em Up fangame for the Sega Genesis/ Sega Mega Drive.

In this game, you will go through 50 laid-back stages of drinking, drunk-eating and drunk-drinking. All the stages have dueling objectives: getting the sushi, taking out the drinks. The stage will end when there’s no more alcohol. You can try to grab all the sushi on each stage to gain points and earn extra players. You need to watch out for these objects:

Beer: It follows you around, slow and dumb.

Wine: It wanders aimlessly and fires off deadly homing shots.

Martini: This is even more dangerous than wine, fires reflecting shots that will make things difficult if not dealt with.

Old pickle: It can’t be killed, but can be pushed out of the way by shooting.

Lantern: harmless, stationary blocks that block you and your bullets.

Sake barrel: They appear every five stages, take out this boss as it saunters across the playfield while dodging its unique spell cards.​