Dance Bro v2022.12.16 (Atari Lynx) (Game)

Dance Bro by OldAtAtari is a simple platformer game made for the Atari Lynx 2022 Jam.

In this game, you dance your way to internet stardom. You can grab some love and dodge the haters. Also, you can catch some hearts and take that fire for big points, but dodge everything else. If you get 10 points of social shaming, your game is over. Rack up as many likes as you can before that happens. The game will auto-restart so you can try to beat your previous score. If you catch a heart or a flame with your hands or feet (spin or split), you get extra points. It gets more difficult once you’ve gained 10 likes. Make it to 20 likes, and the difficulty will ramp up again. 30 likes? Then get ready for a challenge.​