Angry Motes v2022.12.13 (Atari Lynx) (Game)

Angry Motes by Atari Gamer is a game for the Atari Lynx.

In this game, you are armed with the latest wireless and motion tracking technology. You control your paddle by moving around with your mote. Battle it out against the computer to score goal after goal. Don’t wait too long though, or your turn will pass. Your main goal is to score 99 points against the computer without destroying your TV completely. You have to try and get the ball past the computer’s paddle. Here, timing is important. You can launch the ball or by holding down the launch button. The greater the force, the greater is the chance of having the mote fly out of your hands. If the mote hits the TV, it will damage it, but that’s only visual, you can continue playing the game.​