Twitter Panic (Beta 1) (Atari Lynx) (Game)

Twitter Panic by Fadest is a game made for Atari Lynx. This game is still in develpment.  For this beta release, there is no sound, and high levels and end of game may evolve before a cart release happens.

In this game, you play as a fresh Twitter employee, in charge of moderation. You have five levels to go through while playing the game.

Level 1 ( The Discovery)

You only have to manage 3 screens. Denying a troll gives you money, of course, denying a non-troll will lead to a salary cut.

Level 2 (The Rising)

You have 6 screens, but trolls are getting smarter, they start to act like real person, and troll only after a while.

Level 3 (The Fake News)

People have started to propagate fake news. They are not real trolls but tend to rewrite reality. So take care to refute fake news.

Level 4 (The Takeover)

Elon Musk has the right to say whatever he wants, even trolling (of course, you will be blamed for letting a troll go public, but you would be more blamed for censoring your boss).

Level 5 (Microservices)

Elon Musk said that in order to optimise Twitter servers, all unknown microservices will be dismissed after a while, which will be the end of the game.

How To Play:

You can insert credits with ‘B’, and start with ‘A’ button. The more credits you put, the higher score you will start in the game. You can move your cursor with the ‘D-Pad’ and press ‘A’ button to activate action on the screen (deny a tweet or read an email).​