Puzstel Storm v2022.12.14 (Lexaloffle Pico-8) (Game)

Puzstel Storm by Conor is a match-3 puzzle game made for PICO-8.

In this game, you need to arrange the tiles to create matching groups of 3 or more. After every 5th swap, the matching groups will break, awarding you 5 points per tile. If the falling tiles create a new matching group, a chain starts. A 2-chain is worth double points, and a 3-chain is triple points etc. Egirl tiles are worth 15 points each, so try to match them at the end of a chain for a huge score. There is no time limit, instead there is a limited number of swaps per game, so take your time and plan your moves carefully. You can play a short game with 50 swaps, or a longer game with 100 swaps.