Poker Squares CoCo 3 Edition v2022.12.15 (TRS-80 – Tandy Color – CoCo) (Game)

Poker Squares CoCo 3 Edition by pshoemaker70 is a brandnew CoCo 3 game!

Poker Squares is a solitaire card game where the object is to arrange the 25 randomly drawn cards on a 5×5 matrix in order to get the best possible poker hands… both horizontally and vertically. Title screen cards and The King character in the game are designed by the wonderful pixel artist Michael Myers.

The game requires a Tandy Color Computer 3 with 128K RAM. It is a mix of BASIC and assembly language graphics routines running in 128×96 resolution with 16 colors. And multi-voice music!

To run the game, type RUN “RUNME” and press ENTER.