Blood Drive Golf v2022.11.19 (Nesbox TIC-80) (Game)

Blood Drive Golf by Bobamax is a casual roguelite top-down shooter, with elements of tower defense and auto-battle game made for Nesbox TIC-80.

The zombie apocalypse is here, but golf must go on. You need to protect the golfers at all costs from the hostiles, or die trying. Every hero has a unique weapon or augmentation that is exclusive to them. Beat the game with that hero to add their exclusive weapon to the pool that all heroes can choose from. If you’re low on health or teammates, you can heal or recruit instead of picking a mod. Or you can reroll your options if you don’t like them by sacrificing one of your teammates. One of them will immediately die and have their head on a pike for you to ponder for the remainder of the map. Golfers reset each map, and they will fight back when attacked, but otherwise are docile and just want to play some golf.