Last In Space v1.2 (Nesbox TIC-80) (Game)

Last In Space by Darenn Keller is a sci-fi top down shooter game for Nesbox TIC-80. In order to download this game, you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.50 USD. If you want a special exclusive of having your name in the credits of the game, you must buy the game for 10$ and the author will mention your name in the credits section in future updates (only 19 slots remains).

In this game, you can use your speed to collect all the floating minerals, you can build factories to get more ammo. Be careful that you don’t run out of energy. You can build power plants for that. You can build drone stations instead of green houses. Avoid direct conflict. With the use of the radar, you can reveal the whole map and the position of the hive.​