Bouldercraft v0.4 (Commodore 64 – C64) (Game)

Bouldercraft by viznut is a survival-oriented world simulation game based on a 2D cellular automaton for Commodore 64. It is basically a clone of Boulder Dash with some characteristics of Minecraft.

Your mission is to survive the long term essence of Bouldercraft. The longer you stay alive, the more you score, but staying alive consumes energy, and you need to eat to gain it. The energy capacity peaks at 999, so you will need to consider when and how to eat. If there’s plenty of food available, you may want to conserve the food in order to prevent it from rotting away. The world is not reset between lives, so you can reincarnate into it and use whatever you managed to create earlier.When moving towards a direction while pressing the fire button, the player character stays in its place while doing something to the cell in the direction:

  • Static Pushing: The queue of items is pushed, but the player won’t move towards the pushing direction. Digging and eating are always static in Bouldercraft.
  • Swinging: When moving towards an empty cell while pressing fire, an item is moved into it from the opposite side of the player. This is useful for moving items out of difficult positions. Consumes a unit of energy.
  • Eating: An edible item is consumed and energy is gained depending on its type.​

There are slow and fast natural processes in the game. Fast processes (such as the falling of rocks) apply to the entire world several times per second, while slow processes (such as the growth of plants) only apply to a single column of cells at a time.