Terra Nova Pinball v1.2.0 (Pico-8 Game)

Terra Nova Pinball by Spaghettieis Games is an action arcade pinball game made for PICO-8.

In this game, you need to launch the ball onto the table and use the flippers to keep the ball from draining the bottom of the table. You can hit targets and bumpers and complete minigames to score points. You have 3 balls to score as many points as you can, and record a new high score. If the ball drains within 15 seconds of launching, you get a free launch. Your high score is saved and can be viewed from the main menu. By completing the following mini-games, it can help you score big points and achieve the orbit.

1. Slingshot

Shoot the ball around the top, lighting up the spinner and landing in the left kick-out hole to score. This scores you 50,000 points.

2. Shifting Constellation

Passing the ball through one of the gaps at the top of the table will trigger the associated rollover and light one of the stars in this constellation. If you light all 5, you’ll increase the multiplier, applying a 2x, 3x or even 4x bonus.

3. Refueling the rocket

Each time the ball passes down over one of the rollovers in each of the lanes at the bottom of the board, the rocket will be partially refueled.This scores you 243,000 points.

4. Calibrating the lasers

Land the ball in the rightmost kick-out hole to start some target practice to calibrate the weapons systems.

5. Achieving ORBIT

Light all 5 letters in ORBIT and you’ll score 3,000,000 points and earn a bonus ball. The letters will even reset, if you’re skilled enough to light them all again.​