Graveyard Dude (NESDev Compo 2022) (Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) / Famicom Game)

Graveyard Dude by Rani Baker is a homebrew puzzle game made for Nintendo Entertainment System. In order to download this game, you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $6.66 USD. Though the demo version of the game is free to play.

The demo consists of a short 12-puzzle mashup of early draft versions of the puzzles and graphics ideas with the music and game features (run button, music changes in-game, etc) of the complete version without spoiling the ending. Additionally, there is a second ‘Free Enchanced Demo’ designed specifically for the NESDEV Comp 2022. This one is the first 12 stages of the final version of the game in full color and all features you can expect in the final game with a custom ending at completion that does not spoil the actual ending of the complete version. The purchased version has 33 puzzles, a new ending and special achievement screens and messages for completing the game at different lengths of time. Also included is a full NSF soundtrack of the game.