Tactus (NESDev Compo 2022) (Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) / Famicom Game)

Tactus by zeta0134 is a rhythm-based dungeon crawler for original NES and FamiCom. Currently, this game is more of a demo, featuring the first planned zone and a variety of enemies.

In this game, you need to explore mysterious ruins, find powerful weapons, and slay to the beat. You can move freely in any direction, but when there are enemies onscreen, everyone moves to the beat of the music. Enemies move into the groove, so learn their patterns and avoid their attacks. When you move towards an enemy, you’ll swing your weapon. Your objective on each floor is to find the ‘Big Key’, then use it to unlock the stairs to the next level. If you clear a room of enemies, you’ll get a chest containing hearts, weapons, or treasure. Should you race for the exit in as few beats as possible, or challenge all enemies and shoot for a high score? The choice is yours!​