Raven’s Gate (NESDev Compo 2022) (Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) / Famicom Game)

Raven’s Gate by MercuryBD is an action-adventure game for Nintendo Entertainment System. This is an entry for NESDev Coding Competition 2022.

In this game, you start your journey as a hero in the Golden Forest and your task is to go through the world slaying enemies, collecting items and helping humans in quests. The game is built on more than 70 rooms to go through with 4 worlds ( Golden Forest , Frosty Mountains, The Boneyard and Raven’s Gate ). You have 3 quests to complete on this journey, slay your enemies and upgrade your items and weapons from shops. This game can be played using an emulator or using a flash cart (Everdrive) on a real NES device.