Timeloop v2020.08.12 (Atari Lynx Game)

Timeloop by Dr. Ludos is an action game for Atari Lynx. This game is an entry to the Lynx 2020 Programming Competition hosted by AtariGamer.

It is a fun game for the Atari Lynx handheld console where you play future soccer against your past self. You’ll control a blue robot who has to push the green ball into the goal to score points. Move with the D-Pad and press A or B button to Dash. It may sound simple but there is a catch: the whole game plays inside an endlessly repeating time loop. Every 6 seconds, the time loop will reset the game. Your previous avatar will turn red, and it will move exactly like you did during the previous time loop. You will play as another robot, always in blue. Up to 8 robots can play at the same time: your current avatar, and 7 of your previous incarnations. So, in this game you’ll face the ultimate opponent, which is yourself. There is an increasing “score limit” to reach on each time loop to be able to continue the game. It starts easily, but quickly becomes challenging.