Dusk Bunny v2022.12.01 (Pico-8 Game)

Dusk Bunny by Milchreis is an action-arcade game made for PICO-8. This game is developed for the “a game by its cover” Game Jam in November 2022 for the virtual console PICO-8.

It is an endless runner game, in that way you have to run as far as you can but beware of incoming obstacles and jump over to avoid them. You can pickup carrots to get more power to take higher jumps. Moreover each 10th carrot returns you one more life. If you run out of lifes the run is over. Use the up/down arrows or w/s keys to move up or down. The ‘x’ key will make the bunny jump. Press it twice to perform a double jump. The music can be disabled in menu, press start and select “toggle music” to start or stop the music.