Santa’s Workout 2 v2022.11.27 (Commodore 64 Game)

Santa’s Workout 2 by Vector5 Games is a 8-bit puzzle game made for Commodore 64. The game is tested on real hardware and emulator.

You should help Santa to create a path to walk through the maze and find a key that opens the exit. The difficult blocks can only be pushed if there is a block’s worth of space behind them and nothing immediately ahead of them. If you push a block over the ice, the block will sink and leave open water on the level where Santa can sink if you are not careful. Other hazards include ice, which prevents Santa from stopping until he goes past it. Falling through holes loses one of your 3 lives, so think carefully about your steps. On your way, you can collect stars, Christmas ornaments, and gifts for extra points.The game has a password system to load already-played levels.​