Glitchy v0.10 Alpha (Sony PlayStation Portable Game)

Glitchy by luigi2498 is a basic 2D platformer game made for Sony Playstation Portable.

In this game, you need to help a little guy called “Glitchy”, who is stuck on an old unfinished project. The story begins when you find out the project on its computer, because it got an early version a couple of years ago, but the player didn’t remember even when it was installed. The features of the game also include a little buggy, he has special modes/powers that will be really useful to pass all over the levels of this unfinished project. It can activate a debug mode that makes the time slower and also can see a couple of blocks that are platforms or other stuff. There exists a glitch mode, that allows Glitchy to pass over glitched blocks and even beat enemies in a different way, usually.​