Mabus Mania Deluxe Edition v2022.10.29 (Sinclair ZX Spectrum Game)

Mabus Mania Deluxe Edition by Hicks is a homebrew platformer game made for ZX Spectrum. It can be played with a redefinable keyboard, kempston or sinclair joystick.

Follow Mabus through 36 levels with their respective bonus phases and tribute levels to unlock them all. The objects have particular characteristics, collecting the game toys will be essential to get the happy end but every time we collect one, the time will be divided in half. You need to collect all the disks and take them to the computer to open the exit door to the next level. This game is an evolved version of the original Mabus Mania that includes changes to almost the entire game. New graphics, new music, new mechanics, bonus phases and more surprises that you will see during the game. ​