Pastoral (Act 2) v2022.07.02 (Nintendo Game Boy (Color) Game)

Pastoral (Act 2) by Jason Allen is a folk horror life-simulation game, created using GB Studio. The game can be played in the browser for free, the ROM download will cost you a little amount of money.

Pastoral (Act 2) is the second game of the Pastoral trilogy. The game directly follows the events of Pastoral (Act 1), where Dror uncovers his identity and is faced with the task of finding his friends. Much like the first game, Act 2 primarily focuses on its narrative elements. With the hope of gaining insight on finding his friends, Dror is asked to meet with Ansel’s business partner, Martin. However, the meeting does not go as intended, as tension is ignited between the two. You will uncover the long lost secrets of Martin’s childhood, all while navigating a world of change, in order to help Dror locate his friends.​