Pastoral (Act 1) v2022.04.19 (Nintendo Game Boy (Color) Game)

Pastoral (Act 1) by Jason Allen is a folk horror life-simulation game, created using GB Studio. The game is available as paid version as download, or can be played within an browser for free.

The main goal of the game is to explore and solve the mystery of your missing friends. Exploring is at the top of the list in this game, as each and every character has a unique story to contribute to the overall plot of the game. The game is built on Animal Crossing and other life-simulation mechanics such as farming, buying and selling, and progressive interactions with NPCs, with an engaging storyline that tells a deep narrative. If you think you’re stuck on the screen, try the back button and use the select button to open up the game menu, where you can check Dror’s pockets, the time, and much more.​