The Anarchic Kingdom v2021.05.22 (MS-DOS Game)

The Anarchic Kingdom by Cyningstan is a simple and fun strategy game written for the DOS Spring Jam 2021.

In this game, you take the place of a lord in a kingdom ruled by a young king, building up your land with castles, knights and footmen to attack and defend against the other lords. In each turn you send out attacks to take their land and loot their gold. At the same time, you must defend yourself against them, and make sure you have the resources to continue building and maintaining your domain. If, at the end of the year, you are the largest kingdom, you will impress the young king and gain his trust and respect. Your counsel will prevail over that of the weaker lords, and your power will be second only to the king himself. So, it’s better to be strong than to be nothing.​