Intergalactic Space Rescue v2020.08.05 (Sinclair ZX Spectrum Game)

Intergalactic Space Rescue by Cyningstan is a puzzle space exploration game made for ZX Spectrum.

In this game, your skills are needed in the Intergalactic Space Rescue service, where you will make space a safer place for travellers by locating stricken starships to rescue their crew and passengers. You need to explore the sector of space as you go along, using the strength of the stricken starship’s distress signal as a guide. You have limited fuel capacity, and you should try to avoid asteroids, through which careful navigation needs extra fuel. In the beginning levels, you’ll be sent on the easier missions in which location and approach to the shipwreck can be simple but as you progress, your missions will become more and more challenging. Once you have succeeded in the final mission, you will be awarded a well-deserved retirement.