Team Droid v2022.09.03 (MS-DOS Game)

Team Droid by Cyningstan is a turn-based puzzle game made for MS-DOS.

An industrial complex is staffed only by robots, but without supervision it can lead to catastrophic results. You have been employed on a temporary basis to clean up the mess. Some data cards that are used to keep the facility have been scattered all over the various levels and you need to put them back into the data card readers. You do this remotely since you can’t enter the dangerous facility. You will aid a team of specialized robots who will pick up the data card and take it to the reader. There are a few obstacles like contraptions, turntables, conveyor belts and teleporters which may help or hinder your task. You need to focus on careful thinking rather than fast reactions and examine each level to see which robots are most suited to it, and then instruct those robots turn by turn on exactly what to do.​