Cursed Catacombs v2022.06.05 (Sinclair ZX 81 Game)

Cursed Catacombs by Naranjito Games is a Sinclair ZX 81 game.

For hundreds of years, the best explorers and adventurers tried to recover the treasures hidden in the Cursed Catacombs. Built deep underground and protected by supernatural and merciless creatures, the catacombs are deadly ground, and all who dared entering them never returned alive.

Our hero, Zeddy Jones, has determined to recover the treasures hidden in the ten deadly chambers of the catacombs. From an dusty notepad recovered from a past, unlucky explorer, he got some tips for his journey…

The aim of the game is to recover all treasures from the ten rooms of the Cursed Catacombs. Collecting all treasures from a room allows you to move to the next room.