Hand Repair Shop v2022.11.10 (Pico-8 Game)

Hand Repair Shop by Martin Cirice is a cyberpunk puzzle game made with PICO-8. The status of the game is still in development and we may get to see further process work in the game.

Are you ready to repair some hands? In this game you will try to find the broken chip in cyberarms’ circuits and to find the chip, you have two tools: a voltmeter and a clamp. The voltmeter have two probes.

  • The red one delivers electricity in the circuit.
  • The black one detects the electricity.
  • Normal chips conduct electricity. Broken chips don’t.

You can use the voltmeter to check if chips conduct electricity to determine if they are broken or not. When you have identified the broken chip, use the clamp to pick it. The author has planted a ‘debug mode’ in the pause menu, where you can cheat a bit and see if the electricity is flowing in the cables. This mode is only designed to see how the game works better.​